Founded back in 1990, ESTIEM was established to connect Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) students all over Europe and provide them a unique platform. Nowadays ESTIEM is a strong network represented by 65 Local Groups from Ankara to Zurich. All these independently-functioning local student associations organise Europe-wide and local activities, and represent ESTIEM in their universities. Enschede is one of the Local Groups from ESTIEM and functions as a committee in the student organisation Stress.



The Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills (TIMES) is the largest pan-European case study competition for Industrial Engineering and Management students.
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Europe3D is an event in which IEM-students connected to Estiem, will show their country in 3 different aspects, being Politics, Economics and Culture.


LG Enschede participates annually in the biggest relay-race in the world, the Batavierenrace. In this 200 km long race from Nijmegen to Enschede, 10000 students participate in team of 25 to be the fastest running students in the world!


On april the 23rd the 44th edition of the Batavierenrace will take place and…


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